Fibre to the Home

MDTV can provide quotes for installation of fibre cable systems for both satellite and terrestrial systems.

The discrete fibre cable can be run externally and internally and is only 2mm in diameter compared to traditional coax cable at 7mm. This type of system lends itself very well to a multi-satellite service.

A benefit of selecting a fibre system is the ability to choose which satellite service is required by each resident. This can include foreign language channels available from a variety of satellites.

Multiple feeds within an individual apartment can be provided by a Gateway Termination Unit (GTU) from a single fibre cable. At least 4 separate coaxial cables (28mm) would be required to replicate this functionality from a traditional Integrated Reception System (IRS).

The cost difference between a fibre system and a traditional coaxial system is diminishing because of the high cost of copper which is used in coaxial cable .

Signal loss – a common problem when using traditional coaxial cable – is not a factor for fibre systems.

Blocks of flats of the same development can be linked together from a single head-end and satellite dish/aerial farm.

Cost can be tailored per apartment based on the specific service each resident actually requires.