IRS (Integrated Reception System) is the industry standard for communal television, providing residents with digital terrestrial television (DTT), digital radio (DAB) and satellite high definition television from a single aerial/dish array for the block via cables into each apartment.

MDTV have many years of experience in building and upgrading systems for communal properties and this experience will enable us to recommend the best solution for each scenario. Entry level systems will have one satellite dish and each system will have access to a variety of channels. A system can be designed with dishes for any number of satellite broadcasters attached. At survey stage our experienced staff can talk through the system which best suits the individual customer’s requirements and budget.

If the current system no longer meets the residents’ requirements it is possible to have the system upgraded. MDTV are happy to survey the system and provide a recommendation and quote. Additional points can be added to properties (subject to survey) to enable viewing in a second room. Please call our customer services team on 0845 23 000 28 to discuss your needs.

Each satellite service will require its own set top box or a television with built-in Freesat to receive the relevant programmes.These boxes are available to purchase from MDTV. We offer a number of satellite services depending on your requirements and our customer services team will be happy to assist with your enquiry.