Sky satellite TV

As an accredited Sky installer, MDTV can take the hassle out of subscribing to Sky or upgrading to Sky Plus, Sky+ HD or Sky Multi-room.

Our friendly, helpful and knowledgeable customer services team will be happy to discuss the options available to you and book an appointment for one of our experienced engineers to deliver and install your new Sky box and demonstrate its working for you. Just call 0845 230 0028 or email


Sky’s interactive on-screen TV guide covers all channels for the next week, and enables you to set reminders so you never miss your favourite programmes. Parental controls enable you to decide which channels your kids will be able to watch and when, and you can send emails, play games and shop through the Sky Active service.


Sky+ (Sky Plus) adds built-in recording facilities. You can set programmes to record up to a week in advance, instruct the box to automatically record every episode of your favourite series, and even pause, rewind and replay live television, or fast-forward through the adverts in shows you have recorded. Sky+ boxes are designed to work with two satellite feeds. This enables you to record programmes from two different channels at the same time or watch one channel while recording another. Check whether your outlet plate (the socket on the wall you plug your TV aerial into) has one or two satellite outlets (these look like short, wide screw-threads sticking out from the plate, with a narrow hole in the middle, and are usually labelled Sat, Sat 1 or Sat 2). If your home only has one satellite outlet at present you may need to arrange for our engineers to install an extra feed, or alternatively a single cable router may be appropriate. Contact our customer services team to discuss your requirements.

Sky+ HD

For an extra monthly subscription, Sky’s premium services offers all the features of Sky+, together with Europe’s widest choice of high definition programmes across a number of channels and double the recording capacity of a standard Sky+ box. Lovers of sport, movies and nature documentaries in particular will be amazed by the incredibly sharp, bright images, with picture detail levels up to 4 times those of normal TV. As with Sky+, Sky+ HD is designed to work with two satellite feeds, If your home has only one outlet at present you should arrange for our engineers to install a second at the same time as setting up your box. High definition services also require a high definition capable television for viewing.


For an additional monthly subscription, plus the cost of a second Sky Digital, Sky+ or Sky+ HD box, you can watch Sky in another room of your house independently of your first set. You could even have boxes installed and connected to televisions in three or more rooms. Please note that each additional box will require either one (Sky Digital) or two (Sky+ or Sky+HD) extra points to be installed in the room in question.